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This charity is committed to keeping alive the spirit of Elisa G. Linowes by pursuing societal improvements that were the hallmark of her life with our family and community. We strive to identify Elisa's great qualities and make them more widely available in the world around us.



The charity is working to make a positive impact in these four arenas:

1. Educational Excellence

2. Cultural Commitment

3. Food as Celebration

4. Improving Social Discourse

Contributors to the fund can rest assured that the directors will channel all donations to community-improving innovations and activities that are worthy of their support.

All donations are tax deductible.

To learn more about Elisa Gropper Linowes and the story behind this charity, click on the link below to learn about Elisa Gropper Linowes and Who We Are.


1. Educational Excellence

Background: As a substitute teacher all over Montgomery County, Elisa saw significant differences in educational effectiveness and that attuned her to push for great teaching.


Establish a new prize for teaching excellence in the Montgomery County Public School System,  to be administered by two close associates who are still active in the teaching profession.  (this program is still in early phases of development)

More About Our Teaching Awards (link under development)
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2. Cultural Commitment

Background: Elisa was profoundly moved by her experiences in Israel as a young adult and was eager to provide a similar experience for her children.  The charity will continue this tradition by offering this kind of experience to others. 


Establish the Elisa Gropper Linowes Memorial Scholarship for 2 students per year to attend the 4-month immersion program of the Alexander Muss High School in Israel.  This scholarship goes into effect in 2021.


...Cultural Commitment


Support the Center for Israel Studies at American University, which plays a vital role in educating the community about life challenges and achievements of the State of Israel.

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3. Food as Celebration

Background: Elisa loved to host gatherings and that passion matured into confident, professional instincts of a caterer.

She created  beautiful, memorable, and delicious events for family gatherings and community celebrations. 

The charity aims to grow this capability in a number of people by offering scholarships to budding chefs. 

The idea for a scholarship for Jewish cooking came from months watching TV cooking shows while Elisa was battling cancer.  We want her zest for food as celebration to enrich the lives of others.

Future scholarship winners will be invited to contribute a dish to the annual Linowes family feast celebrating the Jewish New Year.


Establish at The Culinary Institute of America the Elisa Gropper Linowes Memorial Scholarship for 2 students per year with a focus on bringing farm-to-table practices for Jewish cuisine  The school has never had a scholarship focused on Jewish cuisine.  The farm-to-table emphasis encourages sustainability thinking. Elisa experienced this when she lived and worked on Kibbutz Kfar Hanassi in Israel. Richard learned more during his visit to the CIA when he directed the Sustainability Management program at American University.  The scholarship goes into effect in 2021


...Food As Celebration


Our local synagogue, Shaare Torah, in Gaithersburg, Maryland has a kitchen facility that could be improved. The charity will contribute up to $30,000 to fund this work.

More on Synagogue Renovation (link under development)

4. Improving Social Discourse

Background: Perhaps Elisa’s greatest gift was her ability to work with people of all backgrounds and faiths to make them feel respected and welcomed.  She was truly gifted with this ability and society would be better off if we can figure out a way to grow that capability in others.


Create a children’s book that teaches young people social skills and cross-cultural understanding. Dahlia Linowes is immersed in the effort to create a book that will help young people appreciate and emulate the social practices that Elisa brought to community interactions that were appreciated by all.


...Improving Social Discourse

We are early in our planning how to support this aim of the charity with more direct action.  One idea is to offer a cultural understanding class at a variety of cultural community centers in the area.  School announcements in Montgomery County are sent out in 7 different languages (Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Hindi, Arabic, English) so clearly constructive dialogue across different cultural and ethnic groups would be useful to cultivate.


Given the social disintegration we have been experiencing this year, there is a clear need for this initiative.  We are open to your suggestions on how to bring social civility skills to other people from different cultural and ethnic groups.  There is a sore need for people with such instincts and skills. community empowerment we believe we can facilitate progress in this area. We are always striving to make a difference and encourage any constructive contributing ideas.

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If you have not seen photos from classes at Alexander Muss High School  or buildings at the Culinary Institute, there is more to see at the link below


Who We Are

The Richard G. and Elisa G. Linowes Charitable Fund was founded in 2020 in memory of our dear Elisa Gropper Linowes since her passing in August 2020. To honor her legacy, we want to continue her work serving communities in need, so we started this non-profit in her name. 

When Richard and Elisa first met in 1998, they admired each other's career decisions to leave the for-profit world and join nonprofits to promote constructive change in the world.  At the time, Elisa was a staff professional at the Women's Division of the Jewish Federation, raising funds for noble causes with worldwide impact, and Richard was a management educator who left Wall Street, aiming to improve the business world.  Elisa has now graduated----we now have a fund with her name in it that seeks to forward her spirit by enabling initiatives she would have liked to see happen to better the world.

The Richard G. and Elisa G. Linowes Charitable Fund will provide teaching awards, scholarships, culinary investments, and community activities that continue and expand the beneficial initiatives Elisa pursued over her lifetime.


Contributions to Our Cause

              We welcome any sum to help us further Elisa's life mission.                      All donations are tax deductible.

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Mailing Address:

Richard G. and Elisa G. Linowes Charitable Fund

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“You can judge a person by the charities they give to.”

Elisa Linowes


"You make a living  by what you get,

you make a life  by what you give."

Winston Churchill


Who was Elisa Gropper Linowes?

A friend to all, Elisa was a source of joy. Beloved wife, devoted mother, first rate hostess, inspiring teacher, and generous citizen. Elisa was born in 1964 and raised in Takoma Park and Burtonsville, Maryland. A lifelong resident of Montgomery County, she served as a dedicated substitute teacher at many public schools in the region for over 15 years. She was the daughter of Bernard and Roberta Gropper. She is survived by her husband Richard, her four children, Selia, Jeremy, Dahlia, and Natan, and very many loyal friends she so lovingly formed along the way. Learn more below.

What is Tikkun Olam?

The Hebrew phrase tikkun olam (תיקון עולם--pronounced tee-KOON oh-LUHM) means "world repair." In modern Jewish circles, tikkun olam has become synonymous with the notion of social action and the pursuit of social justice (MyJewishLearning.com). Since the 1950s, other Jewish movements have adopted the use of the phrase and concept tikkun olam as a platform for the fulfillment of mitzvot (commandments) and tzedakah (justice, righteousness) (MyJewishLearning.com). Jews are often involved in social action/volunteer projects, motivated by the concept of tikkun olam.

Why is the Richard G. and Elisa G. Linowes Charity abbreviated "REG'L"?

"Reg'l" רגל is the Hebrew word for "leg." Elisa was a selfless volunteer and friend, always giving an arm and a leg to those in need. She was warm and outgoing and gave her life to help others achieve their fullest potential. Thus, the initials of both Richard and Elisa pay homage to their love for Jewish and Israeli culture and their professional commitment to educate students, guide friends, and help strangers feel good about themselves and work towards making the world a better place


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Elisa's Story

August 28, 1964- August 22, 2020

Elisa was a lover of all things fun. She was a wonderful wife, marvelous mother, magnificent homemaker, passionate elementary school teacher, compassionate animal lover, loyal friend and "make it happen" professional. Elisa cherished spending time with those she loved, traveling the world, supporting Israel, and upholding the Jewish value of bettering one's community (Tikkun Olam).

Previously, Elisa worked for the Jewish Federation as well as the Washington Post. She later found the love of her life, Richard, and they were married in April of 2000. The years flew by as Elisa immediately became a mother of two and soon added two more. She made being a new wife, stepmom, and mother of newborns with joy and gusto.  She cherished friends from all times of her life - childhood, college years, kibbutz life in Israel, as young professional in Washington D.C., and as a mother, neighbor, and community leader. She devoted her life to helping others, notably through her years in the elementary school classrooms of Montgomery County Public Schools. She made it her mission to teach and spread happiness, no matter the challenge.

In December of 2019, Elisa was diagnosed with a new, frightening threat: Stage IV Triple-Negative Breast Cancer. After eight months of treatment, Elisa learned that medicine was no longer capable of halting the disease. We began thinking about what she would have done were she to have lived another 15-20 years. Those discussions led to this charity, as we explored ideas for promoting Jewish cooking, recognizing excellent educators, and building community cross-cultural engagements, among others.

Elisa passed away peacefully, one week short of her 56th birthday, on August 22nd, 2020. The illness never took away her sparkle and joie de vivre - nor will it take away ours. Our mission is to carry on her legacy and spread her light and kindness to improve the lives of others. 

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“I had a good life.

I tried to make things work.”

                             Elisa Linowes


"Oh very young,

What will you leave us this time?

You're only dancin' on this earth for a short while." 

Cat Stevens

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Hiroshima Peace Memorial


Our Leaders and Board of Trustees

The directors of the fund are committed to continuing Elisa's enthusiasm to improve the world by enabling initiatives that reflect her spirit. We welcome contributions of others who share our belief that her spirit should be celebrated and furthered in a variety of initiatives that encourage educational excellence, promote religious and cultural life, use cooking to celebrate life and build understanding and mutual respect across cultural groups.

Richard Linowes

Dahlia Linowes

Nathaniel (Natan) Linowes

Jeremiah (Jeremy) Linowes

Selia Linowes

Diane Lininger


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