2. Cultural Commitment

In Partnership with Alexander Muss High School in Israel

Focus on providing cultural education immersion experience for American high school students

Classes read original religious and historical texts and students then go visit the sites days later

Invite candidates from across the United States who live outside major cities

Our scholarship is the launch of the Alexander Muss High School Outreach Initiative

Newly Established Scholarships begin in early 2021

Two students each year can win the $16,000 Elisa Gropper Linowes Memorial Scholarship

Covers 90% of the cost of the four month program for American high school students

      and Students must earn the remaining cost

Provides opportunity for high potential students living outside major cities in the U.S.

In the future, our charity may fund students from other countries

Charity officers will help select winning candidates


The hope is to build relationships with award winners so we see the impact of this meaningful experience on their lives. 


Photos from our children’s experiences attending Muss programs in 2011, 2013, and 2018


3. Food as Celebration

In Partnership with The Culinary Institute of America


The Elisa Gropper Linowes Scholarship

Focus on developing farm-to-table practices for Jewish cuisine 

Invite candidates from all backgrounds and faiths and all CIA campuses (New Hyde, NY, California, Texas, Italy) 

First CIA Scholarships focused on Jewish cooking

Scholarships begin in early 2021 

2 students each year can win the $5,000 Elisa Gropper Linowes Memorial Scholarship 

Promising Candidates Must Write a two-part Essay on

 - Their favorite Rosh Hashanah meal item and the inspiration or memory behind it. 

 - How would you incorporate Farm-to-Table practices or menu items in the meal preparation? 

Charity officers will help select winning candidates

Scholarship winners will be invited to contribute a sample dish to the annual Linowes Family feast in honor of the Jewish New Year


4. Improving Social Discourse

Creating a Children's Book in Elisa's Memory

The charity has commissioned a children's book that highlights the generous spirit we loved so much in Elisa. Dahlia Linowes is dedicating the book to Elisa, a heartfelt tribute to honor her mother. It is a story of cultural understanding through the actions of a substitute teacher who spends her day helping others in need. The main character encounters challenges but lends a helping hand to students, fellow teachers, and everyone she meets. The purpose of this book is to teach understanding, mutual respect, and civil discourse from an early age. Join us in bringing Elisa's love for education and togetherness into the classroom for the next generation to learn from.

Elisa with kids books 2016 - DSC00010 (1

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